The Pocket Dietitian™ App was created by Dr. Eric A. Wechsler because on a daily basis, his patients expressed confusion about what they were supposed to eat. In addition, they expressed that they felt a significant loss in their quality of life when dietitians would tell them they could never eat their favorite foods again. This mobile application was designed to provide more freedom and understanding of the various medical dietary prescriptions and offer a simulated experience to a dietitian, on a real-time basis. The Pocket Dietitian™ App calculates a dietary recommendation based on a number of dietary guidelines using but not limited to, the Harris-Benedict Equation, Body Mass Index calculation, combined with the accepted dietary guidelines recommended by the American Diabetes Association, National Kidney Foundation, American Heart Association and the American Dietetic Association. The Pocket Dietitian™ App then calculates the nutritional information and alerts you to foods that may expend too much of your daily total. The Pocket Dietitian™ App at this point will then suggest a healthier food option. There is even a quick list of super foods that are almost always good to eat in the right proportions.  

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