October 31, 2014: "Predictors of Kidney Failure Found in Teens"

October 31, 2014: "6 Surprising facts about diabetes and the kidney"

October 30, 2014: "Frailty increases kidney transplant recipients' risk of dying prematurely"

October 30, 2014: "Simple saliva test could predict early stage diabetes, cancer"

October 28, 2014: "Many home blood pressure monitors may be inaccurate"

October 28, 2014: "Fewer women than men receive hemodialysis treatment"

October 25, 2014: "People who develop kidney stones may face increased bone fracture risk"

October 21, 2014: "Funding renewed for national living donor assistance center"

October 18, 2014: "High-fat meals could be more harmful to males than females, according to new obesity research"

October 18, 2014: "Blood test helps predict relapse in patients with autoimmune disease affecting the kidneys"

October 14, 2014: "Healthcare workers must be vigilant about identifying Ebola patients, protecting against infection"

October 14, 2014: "Serum high-sensitivity-CRP levels associated with a risk of developing diabetic nephropathy"

October 13, 2014: "US task force says all adults over 45 should be screened for diabetes"

October 13, 2014: "ANNA study shows nephrology nurses view patient safety favorably, highlights areas for improvement"

October 7, 2014: "Blood tests predict kidney disease patients’ risk of developing heart failure"

October 3, 2014 "Exercise linked with improved physical and mental health among dialysis patients"

October 2, 2014: "She gives me hope:" Mom's life saved by stranger who donated kidney

October 1, 2014: "How Much Can A Kidney Transplant Extend The Life Expectancy Of A CKD Dialysis Patient?"

October 1, 2014: "NKF, ASN, ADA form consensus conference to combat diabetic kidney disease"

September 30, 2014 "Transplant nephrologists, surgeons think more should be done to increase living kidney donation"

September 30, 2014: "Diabetes screening rates in the US are below ADA recommendations"

September 15, 2014: "Many kidney failure patients have concerns about pursuing kidney transplantation"

September 8, 2014: "Hospitalizations for heart failure increase kidney disease patients’ risk of kidney failure, premature death"

August 29, 2014: "Study finds shortcomings in doctor-patient discussions about kidney transplantation"

August 26, 2014: "Losing weight lowers health care costs for adults with type 2 diabetes"

August 25, 2014: "Calcium buildup in coronary arteries predicts heart disease risk in patients with chronic kidney disease"

August 18, 2014: "Diabetes education improves health, quality of life for diabetics"

August 18, 2014: "Women less likely to undergo living donor kidney transplant"

August 15, 2014: "10 signs you may have kidney disease"

August 14, 2014: "Removal Of Chronic Kidney Disease Patient From Kidney Transplant List Due To New Rule Changes"

August 13, 2014: "Kidney Care Partners asks CMS to delay, revise 5-star rating system for dialysis facilities"

August 12, 2014: "Kidney Transplantation in Children"

August 12, 2014: "Study shows Southern-style eating increases risk of death for kidney disease patients"

August 12, 2014: "Hemodialysis Patients May Reconsider Peritoneal Dialysis After New Findings Lead To Major Advances"

August 12, 2014: "Depressive symptoms, pain may affect adherence and health outcomes in dialysis patients"

August 12, 2014: "New study aims to prevent graft function decline in kidney transplant patients"

August 11, 2014: "Important deadlines for ESRD QIP, PPS, and 5-star rating system"

August 7, 2014: "Dialysis Patient Citizens critical of Dialysis Facility Compare's five-star rating system"

August 5, 2014: "DPC-letter-to-CCSQ-on-DFC-1"

August 5, 2014: "Preparing for the wearable artificial kidney's first human clinical trials in the US"

July 23, 2014: "U.S. News & World Report ranks Mayo Clinic top hospital for nephrology"

July 14, 2014: "Dramatic increase in kidney disease in the US and abroad linked to Roundup weedkiller"

July 10, 2014: "Living kidney donation doesn't increase risk of death or heart disease for older adult donors"

July 8, 2014: "End of life decisions for dialysis patients: update on proposed Medicare rule"

July 3, 2014: "Zumba therapy for dialysis patients"

June 27, 2014: "New discovery could rejuvenate chronic kidney disease patients' failed kidneys and stop dialysis"

June 27, 2014: "Father invents a bionic organ to save his son from Type 1 diabetes"

June 17, 2014: "Research uses new technique to uncover the building blocks of kidney regeneration"

June 6, 2014: "Study reveals new longest and shortest kidney transplant wait time areas in the United States"

June 3, 2014: "Study finds a need for more palliative care options for dialysis patients"

May 30, 2014: "FDA Approves First-Of-Its-Kind Kidney Disease Test That Can Identify The Cause Of MGN Through A Blood Sample"

May 26, 2014: "Major step towards portable artificial kidney"

May 22, 2014: "Study finds kidney transplant offers longer survival compared to intensive dialysis"

May 21, 2014: "New hope for dialysis: Bioengineered blood vessels"

May 19, 2014: "Walking may reduce need for dialysis in kidney disease patients"

Spring 2014: "How do you say thank-you?"

May 9, 2014: "Students design artificial kidney with 3-D printing"

May 8, 2014" "NKF launches portal on website to focus on African Americans and Kidney Disease"

May 7, 2014: "TV chef gets up the flavor for dialysis patients"

April 29, 2014: "How 3-D printing can help to cure cancer"

April 24, 2014: "Herbal medicine goes mainstream: breaking it down"

April 14, 2014: "Gene linked to pediatric kidney cancer suggests new strategies for kidney regeneration"

April 14, 2014: "Walking may help protect kidney patients against heart disease and infections"

April 9, 2014: "Death risk lower for dialysis patients at high altitude"

April 7, 2014: "Physical activity reduced mortality rate in adults with diabetes"

March 26, 2014: "Wearable kidney gives hope to dialysis patients"

March 10, 2014: "Big Win for Transplant Recipients"


December 24, 2013: "Harvard University Moving Toward Ending Dialysis As Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Know It"

August 20, 2013: "ESRD Patients Who Work Full-Time Are “Much More Likely” To Receive Kidney Transplant"

August 13, 2013: "Scientists Can Now 3D Print Transplantable, Living Kidneys"

July 29, 2013: "Washington congresswoman's baby first to survive without kidneys"

June 12, 2013: "Bioengineered vein paves way for kidney dialysis patients"

May 31, 2013:  "Kidney Dialysis Patients Gain with Simple Frailty Test"

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April 25, 2013: "Artificial kidney offers hope to patients tethered to a dialysis machine"